BSB RD 1 Review

Race 1 grid lined up with Leon Haslam on pole Jason O’Halloran just behind in 2nd and Chrisitan Iddon 3rd. The second row was filled out with Shakey Byrne 4th Luke Mossey 5th and Michael Laverty 6th. James Ellison started at the back of the grid after falling in the first part of qualifying.

O’Halloran got a great start leading into the first leading from Haslam and Laverty Haslam and Laverty soon swapped positions. Laverty took the lead from Haslam at the end of the back straight with ohalloran 3rd and Dan Linfoot 4th.

End of the first last Laverty lead from Haslam O’Halloran Linfoot and Byrne. Haslam had a big moment that nearly threw him out of the seat on lap 2 it didnt cost him any positions.12963506_10153544840743097_5422468355157514145_n
Halsam pulled out of the race on lap 3 with what seemed to be a technical fault. Linfoot and Laverty at this point had opened a bit of a gap and were battling it out for 1st.

O’Halloran and Shakey were themeselves locked in a battle for the last podium position.
Peter Hickman was the man on the move on lap 4 sliding under Danny Buchan into 7th. John Hopkins meanwhile was having a steady race in 10th at this stage.

Lap 5 and Byrne started to really make a move closing the gap to Linfoot dragging O’Halloran with him. At half distance in the race Laverty looked comfortable in 1st while Linfoot seemed to be really pushing to stay with him Byrne himself looked smooth and calm in 3rd waiting for an opportunity to pass Linfoot.

James Rispoli crashed out of 9th place on lap 7, Hickman got his way up to 5th and was looking strong. Hickman passed O’Halloran to go 4th on lap 9 but unfortunately just like Haslam pulled out with a technical fault. The front 3 closed up with all 4 running a fast pace they had slighty dropped O’Halloran in 4th at this stage of the race.

12961508_986004564847620_2487669811398059600_nOn Lap 10 there was a real train forming for the win the top 6 were all together. Byrne passed Linfoot at the end of the back straight as he set about chasing Laverty down. On lap 11 Mossey passed O’Halloran to go 4th as Iddon also passed O’Halloran to go 5th.

Mossey made a lovely pass on Linfoot to go 3rd with Iddon looking to follow him through meanwhile Byrne closed right in on Laverty and looked ot put him under pressure. Iddon moved past Linfoot going through the last corner and was going quick closing Mossey down by the time they got to the back straight.




Going onto the last lap there were 2 seperate battles for the podium positions Laverty and Byrne for 1st Iddon Mossey for 3rd. Iddon passed Mossey into the 1st corner and opened up a bit fo a gap. Shakey couldnt close enough on Laverty to make a pass as it looked like it would need a mistake from Laverty to let Shakey through.


Laverty held on for the win from Bryne and Iddon 3rd Mossey came across 4th with Linfoot 5th and O’Halloran 6th. A commanding race win for Laverty who never put a foot wrong all race Byrne impressive on the new Ducati worrying sign that he is so strong already and Iddon rounding off a brilliant 1st race for the TAS racing squad with his first BSB podium.


1 7 Michael LAVERTY GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
2 67 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
3 24 Christian IDDON GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
4 12 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – Quattro Plant Teccare Kawasaki
5 4 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – Honda Racing
6 22 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Honda – Honda Racing
7 83 Danny BUCHAN GBR Ducati – Lloyds British Moto Rapido
8 14 Lee JACKSON GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW Motorrad
9 21 John HOPKINS USA Yamaha – ePayMe Yamaha
10 46 Tommy BRIDEWELL GBR Suzuki – Bennetts Suzuki

BSB Race 2 Review

The grid for race 2 lined up with Dan Linfoot on pole Shane Byrne in 2nd and Peter Hickman 3rd. 2nd row was made up of Jason O Halloran race 1 winner Michael Laverty and Danny Buchan.

Hickman lead into the first corner from Laverty and Linfoot,Bryne seemed to get swamped 12933135_1128780053840621_5696719503049161722_noff the start and went back to sixth. Hickman lead from Laverty and Linfoot over the line at the end of the first lap.

Laverty moves through on Hickman on lap 2 just as Byrne moves through to 4th. Iddon moved into 5th passing O’Halloran into the 1st corner on lap 3. Lap 5 saw Hickman and Laverty break away from Bryne and Linfoot. Byrne tried a move on Linfoot at the end of the back straight but ran out wide and let Linfoot back under him. Iddon meanwhile recovered from a huge moment a lap earlier and was trying to reel in Byrne and Linfoot again.

Bryne moved past Linfoot going into turn one on lap 6 and set about closing the gap between himself and the front 2. Hickman was really pressurising Laverty at the front and made a pass just before the wellington straight.

160408dr0196-1024x683_2Hopkins rounded off a miserable weekend retiring on lap 7. Iddon moved past Linfoot into
4th and set off in pursuit of Bryne who had closed in on the front 2. Laverty made a pass on Hickman with a fantastic move only for Hickman to return the favour later in the lap.


Laverty seemed to be having a braking issue with his BMW and started really falling back after battling it out with Hickman at the front. Laverty’s issue left Hickman,Bryne and Iddon at the front with Hickman having a slight gap over Byrne.

Hickman really opened up his gap on lap 10 with Byrne coming under pressure from Iddon Haslam and O’Halloran. Haslam and O’Halloran swapped places as Iddon ran on but somehow managed to maintain his position in the race.

Laverty seemed to have regrouped and now lead the 2nd group setting as fast a lap time as the guys in front. Haslam made a mistake that allowed O’halloran back past that allowed a charging Laverty to move onto his back wheel.

Byrne had closed up to Hickman bringing Iddon with him as they went onto the final lap. Hickan and Byrne passed each other 3 times in the last series of corners and had a charge for the line Bryne almost high siding while Hickman crossed the line for the win. Iddon managed to maintain but didnt have an answer for the front 2 guys. 2 brilliant races to start the BSB season no other top class racing series can touch that for pure racing spectacle roll on Oulton Park.

1 60 Peter HICKMAN GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
2 67 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
3 24 Christian IDDON * GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
4 22 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Honda – Honda Racing
5 91 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
6 7 Michael LAVERTY GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
7 14 Lee JACKSON GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW Motorrad
8 77 James ELLISON GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
9 4 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – Honda Racing
10 12 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – Quattro Plant Teccare Kawasaki


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