BSB RD 2 review.

Race 1:

BSB race one grid lined up as follows:

1 Leon Haslam JG Speedfit Kawasaki
2 James Ellison JG Speedfit Kawasaki
3 Jason O’Halloran Honda Racing
4 Dan Linfoot Honda Racing
5 Christian Iddon Tyco BMW
6 Michael Laverty Tyco BMW
7 Alastair Seeley Royal Air Force BMW
8 Jack Kennedy Team WD-40 Kawasaki
9 Lee Jackson Buildbase BMW

After a heavy downpour in the morning the rain at Oulton had stopped just before race 1 the track was still wet but looked to be drying out quickly. Leon Haslam again showed his class with impressive laps in qualifying and unlike in Silverstone he looked to make use of the pole position.

Ellison made a great start leading into turn one from O halloran and Haslam in 3rd. Jack DSC_4744Kennedy moved up to 4th passing Halsam with Iddon and Seeley just behind them. Ellison opened a bit of a gap over the 2 hondas.As Ellison opened up his gap the Hondas had to defend from a fast Kennedy who in turn was fending off Haslam. Iddon sat in a lonely 6th place having broken away from Seeley. Byrne had moved his way up to 10th place after starting 18th and set about chasing down the group ahead.

The Hondas dropped off Halsam and Kennedy who were being caught by Iddon who was setting fastest laps trying to recover from a bad start. Michael Laverty seemed to be really struggling with the conditions running in 14th. Kiyonari retired on lap 5 with an unknown issue after running well in the race. Haslam started to really move once clear of Kennedy he moved up to the back of the Hondas. Iddon continued to harass Kennedy but couldnt find a way past this allowed the front 4 to get away from the pair. Bryne had moved up to 8th and looked to be closing down Seeley in 7th who was having a rather lonely race.

Iddon cleared Kennedy on lap 6 as he set the fastest lap of the race and looked certain to catch the battle between the Hondas and Haslam. Haslam spilt the hondas as he seemed to have the pace to chase his team mate in the lead. Haslam cleared the Hondas and now set about chasing his team mate down which would be no mean feat as Ellison had opened up a 4.3 secs advantage.

Linfoot didnt let Haslam go and even set a fastest lap as they both were closing down Ellison. Laverty seemed to have regrouped a bit and was now in 10th place just behind Tommy Bridewell. Iddon and Ohalloran didnt seem to have an anwser for the front 3 as they were locked in a battle for 4th place. The front 3 were locked together on lap 11 with Linfoot and Haslam far faster than Ellison it was only a matter of time before they got past Linfoot espicially looked eager to get past Haslam. Haslam took the lead on lap 13 and Linfoot followed him through. Iddon was closing down the front 3 as he broke away from Ohalloran.


Linfoot took the lead from Haslam as they pair set about battling it out for the win Ellison dropped off them as he fell back into the clutches of Iddon. Haslam and Linfoot broke away from Iddon in 3rd as they just seemed to have an extra bit of pace. Seeley got passed Kennedy for 6th place a good result for both if it finished this way. 3 laps to go and the race really looked to be between Haslam and Linfoot with Iddon slighty behind. Linfoot crashed out from the lead cruel luck for the Honda man that crash left Iddon to fight Haslam for the win.

The Last lap was a real battle between Iddon and Haslam they were glued together bikes sliding everywhere. Both riders sliding coming through the final corner and Haslam just out dragged Iddon to the line with Ellison coming in 3rd. O halloran held onto 4th with Seeley finishing a brilliant 5th and Laverty regrouping and finishing 6th and getting the fastest lap on the final lap to start pole in the next race.

  1. Leon Haslam (JG Speedfit Kawasaki)
  2. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW) +0.103s
  3. James Ellison (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) +2.644s
  4. Jason O’Halloran (Honda Racing) +7.750s
  5. Alastair Seeley (Royal Air Force BMW) +14.162s
  6. Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW) +14.682s
  7. Jack Kennedy (Team WD-40 Kawasaki) +19.710s
  8. Shane Byrne (Be Wiser Ducati) +24.796s
  9. Richard Cooper (Buildbase BMW) +26.506s
  10. Billy McConnell (FS-3 Racing Kawasaki) +34.773s


With conditions dodgy tire choices were extreme through the field Linfoot went away fast but everyone tip toes their way through the 1st corner. Cooper looked strong on lap 2 taking out a gap on Linfoot and Kennedy with Iddon in 4th Howie Mainwaring Smart in 5th.

Iddon Linfoot Kennedy and smart all battling for 2nd place Linfoot losing out due to havingDSC_7335-3 a wet front tyre. Iddon broke away from the group and went about closing down Cooper . Ellison struggled down in 13th. Byrne Haslam and Laverty all together battling for 8th place. Haslam despatched Linfoot as he fell further back suffering with the wet tyre eventually falling at shell hairpin.

Haslam and Laverty were the guys on the move at the midpoint of the race scything their way through the field every lap. Glenn Irwin having his best race of the year passed Byrne and following Ellison through every time he made a pass.Bryne struggling with the Ducati mid way through the race was getting dropped by his teammate and Ellison. Laverty hunting down Haslam set the fastest lap of the race. Iddon started to reel Cooper in on lap 13 with his team mate Laverty fending off the Kawasaki’s of Haslam and Ellison. Ellison passed Haslam into shell hairpin and looked to get past Laverty quickly he did and looked good for 3rd at this stage of the race.

DSC_7395-2Iddon caught Cooper hand over fist as drops of rain fell on lap 15 Haslam meanwhile repassed Ellison for 3rd when a few spits of rain slowed Ellison donw slightly. The battle for the win between Iddon and Cooper was really on Iddon chasing hard but Cooper holding on well.

Iddon took the lead in turn one from cooper with a brilliant move but cooper managed to take over the line as Iddon went wide in the last turn . Haslam beat out his teammate for 3rd Ellison 4th and Laverty coming across the line 5th Byrne regrouped to take 6th place.A cracking race from Cooper and Iddon unlucky for Iddon again but the win is coming for him he continues to lead the championship and has cemented himself as a real title contender.

Highlights of both BSB races are avaliable on the Britsh Superbike youtube page and will also be repeated on ITV 4 Wednesday night at 8.

  1. Richard Cooper (Buildbase BMW)
  2. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW) +0.135s
  3. Leon Haslam (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) +7.639s
  4. James Ellison (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) +8.062s
  5. Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW) +8.183s
  6. Shane Byrne (Be Wiser Ducati) +17.447s
  7. Glenn Irwin (Be Wiser Ducati) +17.836s
  8. Jason O’Halloran (Honda Racing) +25.634s
  9. Jack Kennedy (Team WD-40 Kawasaki) +26.039s
  10. Stuart Easton (ePayMe Yamaha) +34.027s

Championship standings:

  1. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW) 72
  2. Shane Byrne (Be Wiser Ducati) 58
  3. Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW) 56
  4. Leon Haslam (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) 52
  5. Jason O’Halloran (Honda Racing) 44
  6. Richard Cooper (Buildbase BMW) 41

Big thanks to Ryan Donaldson for the photos this week make sure to check out his other stuff on his website and give his twitter a follow here @photography_rjd


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