Christian Iddon Q and A


This week I have special post I was fortunate enough That TYCO BMW rider and BSB star Christian Iddon took some time to answer a few questions for me, I would like to say thank you to Christian and wish him well in his recovery from an injured finger and the best of luck for the rest of the season.



How do you think the season has been going for you so far ?



It’s been a very mixed bag. The first couple of rounds were awesome, perhaps even too easy as we just couldn’t put a foot wrong. Since then it’s been tough but that’s not through complacency that’s for sure. Brands indy I just struggled to get a set up until the last race. Knockhill I rode race 1 and had a major vision issue race 2. Snetterton was looking like we were back on track despite me pretty much chopping my finger off just a few days before the race but then I got sideswipe on lap1 of race 1 and ended up 6th from 14th on the grid in race 2 which was a half decent result considering the circumstances.







How have you found the BMW compared to the Suzuki you rode last year ?


It’s very different that’s for sure. Certainly it is an outright quicker motorbike but it gives much less feeling. That is what I am looking for at the moment. I came from an off road background and prefer a bike that moves. Obviously we have to find a compromise. My team are awesome though. Not just a great working environment and very professional but also a great bunch of lads. I feel. Lucky to be a part of that.









TAS are well known for their road racing success is this something you would like to have a go at in the future?


Isle of Man TT Facebook page

Yes absolutely. It is something that interests me massively. I am struggling at the moment to decide if it is the right direction to go in at this point but I will certainly be having a conversation with Philip Neill about it. My dad manages a very successful roads team but he personally doesn’t want me to do it and other members of my family also feel very strongly that way but I am drawn to it and that draw will not go away so I guess we will see





Do you have a favorite track that you race at ?


I love Donington and I’m pretty fond of Thruxton as it’s so different. To be honest I like all the tracks, I guess it’s just Snetterton that I don’t really enjoy as I just find it a bit boring. When they remade the infield I just wish they put a few humps and bumps in there and a bit of camber to work with.



Taken from




Do you feel your experience as a very successful Super moto rider helps with bike control in BSB ?



WSBK website picture

Absolutely. I started Supermoto because we couldn’t afford to go to the short circuits and it was the best way to learn slicks on tarmac. I got pretty good at it so ended up doing it a bit longer than planned but I don’t think for one second any of that time was wasted. I honestly believe it is the best way to learn bike control. Look at the talent that has come out of it, Keith Farmer was excellent, Davy Todd is now coming through the stock 600 ranks, Richard Cooper has done a fair bit and so has Jake Dixon. It gives you a feel with a bike that I think is hard to learn anywhere else. In the damp at Oulton Farmer won, Todd won, Cooper won and I was second. That’s no coincidence!





Who was a rider you followed when you were younger ?


Ricky Johnson and Jeff Emig. They were the top motocrossers when I was younger. To be honest I don’t really follow the short circuits. I only watch my race to see what the competition is doing and I watch some other classes to see my friends race. If it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t bother. It’s just that I enjoy off road more. I like the no messing attitude and the commitment to the sport. It’s quite a different mentality but I see the merits in both.

I get so excited the Tuesday after a motocross Supercross race weekend as I can set my turbo trainer up in front of the TV and fire up YouTube watching the races while I spin away for a couple of hours.






Do you see yourself making a switch to WSBK if the opportunity came up?


Why not I suppose is the answer but only if the right opportunity came up. There are very few ‘good’ bikes in WSBK so it’s not easy. I’m happy in BSB at the moment. I love the crowd involvement as for me that’s such a big thing and I’m happy with my team but I guess you never know what the future holds. I did a season of WSS and half a year in WSBK but the bikes I was on at the time I certainly don’t feel I got a good chance and both were with a vision to compete more the following year but both teams folded and I never got my chance.I am happy in BSB but having said that I want to win a World title and as hard as I try that can’t happen in domestic racing!





What would make for a successful season in your opinion ?

To win the title. It is a huge task but I am hard on myself so I can’t really answer that question any other way. I believe I have the team around me and the bike underneath me. We started strong but lost our way a little. If we get back to how we know we can ride then there is no reason why not. That being said I can control how fast I go but I can’t control others. BSB is full of super talented riders so it is never ever going to be easy. The depth of field is such that you can be fighting for wind one week and fighting to stay in the points the next. It’s crazy!




Photo credits:

Tyco BMW and Halsall Suzuki pictures: @photography_rj

Tyco BMW Isle of Man TT:

Supermoto picture:

Jeff Emig and Ricky Johnson:





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