BSB RD 6 Review




Superpole saw Shane Byrne once again take pole and set his stall out for race day with an impressive time which saw him 0.275 secs ahead of Tommy Bridewell who finished second the best qualifying for the Suzuki so far this year.

The Superpole session began with Michael Laverty the TYCO BMW man finished 9th in Q2 but set a time fast enough for 5th overall in the final session, The next rider up was BSB rookie Jake Dixon the first of the Lee Hardy Racing bikes to set a time in Superpole his time was good enough for 9th. His team mate Alistair Seeley went next setting a time good enough for 8th place this was far and away the best qualifying session for the Lee Hardy Racing team this season.

Another Superpole rookie Buildbase BMW’s Lee Jackson stepped up next to set his time he managed a time good enough for 6th in the session, Billy McConnell was next to go out on his FS-3 Racing Kawasaki his time was good enough for 7th on the grid. Luke Mossey set his time next and got himself 4th place for race 1. Dan Linfoot the Honda man is starting to show real form this season set the 3rd fastest time behind Bridewell and Byne another impressive showing for the Honda bike.

Shane Byrne (Be Wiser Ducati) 1m:14.315s
Tommy Bridewell (Bennetts Suzuki) +0.275s
Dan Linfoot (Honda Racing) +0.279s
Luke Mossey (Quattro Plant Teccare Kawasaki) +0.328s
Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW) +0.706s
Lee Jackson (Buildbase BMW) +0.715s
Billy McConnell (FS-3 Racing Kawasaki) +0.732s
Alastair Seeley (RAF Reserves BMW) +1.006s
Jake Dixon (Briggs Equipment BMW) +1.071s

Race 1:


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Race 1 began in great conditions Byrne lead into the first corner ahead of Linfoot and
Bridewell McConnell followed them through in 4th. Laverty made a bad start but recovered to 7th just behind Mossey and Jackson. After only 1 lap Byrne had broken away from the group behind him Linfoot had a gap to Bridewell and McConnell behind him, McConnell passed Bridwell into the final hairpin to go 3rd a very impressive start for the Austrailian.


Hickman made a great start and by lap 5 had moved up to 6th place well ahead of his more illustrious team mates Haslam and Ellison, Laverty was looking very strong moving up to 2nd place passing both McConell and Linfoot going through turn 2 and 3. Meanwhile at the front Byrne was well away with the race no one else able to live with the Ductai mans pace.

McConell moved through to 3rd place and looked to try and hunt down Laverty in 2nd but he also had to be aware of the group of riders behind him which included Linfoot,Jackson,Mossey,O’Halloran,Hickman,Bridewell, Dixon and Haslam all these riders running in a train together.

Ellison was really struggling again running 19th in the well off his two team mates. on lap 9 Jackson moved his way through to 4th place and moved to the head of the train of riders. The JG speedfit bikes of Haslam and Hickman started to battle with the two Hondas with Hickman passing both of the leaving Haslam to pick of Linfoot and try to find a way past O’Halloran.

The red flag came out to end this race as the R1 of Stuart Easton blew its engine and caused him to crash out with the bike on fire at the side of the track. At the time of the red flag Byrne had a 5 sec advantage over Laverty who was in turn was ahead of McConnell in 3rd.

The grid lined up as they finised the first part of the race all the riders had to use the tyres they had been using for the first part of the race as well strange rule but it sure to make for an interesting sprint race over 12 laps.
Laverty got a great start to the race leading the way from Byrne and O’Connell O’Halloran also made a brilliant start getting up to 4th place. By the end of the lap O’Halloran had moved up to 3rd place his team mate who had shot his tyres in the first part was down in 17th place.

Byrne moved past Laverty on lap 3 and looked to do as he did in the first part of the race and take off. Haslam moved into 6th place as he looked to limit the damage that this round could have done to his championship challenege. Again a train of riders had formed from 5th place back to 11th with Haslam at the front and Cooper at the back.

Byrne did move away at the front leaving Laverty to try and fend of a hard charging O’Halloran in 3rd, O’Connell was a bit of the battle for 2nd place but clear of the train of riders behind him. McConnell was closed up as he seemed to be really suffering with tyre life he was passed by Haslam and Mossey and swallowed up into the group of riders.



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Haslam and Mossey came together going into the hairpin with both running straight
through it Mossey came off better as he took out a gap on the group behind while Haslam fell behind Bridwell and was under pressure and passed by Irwin on lap 8. Ellison really benefitted by the race restart getting up to 7th place and looking strong now ahead of both his team mates in the second part of the race.




Laverty had broken O’Halloran and was now alone in 2nd place but didnt have the pace to go with Byrne in 1st. Ellison was the man on the move now having moved up to 6th place ahead of Irwin and was hunting down Bridewell in 5th, Ahead of him meanwhile Mossey had closed right in on O’Halloran in 3rd almost at the same time Ellison passed Bridwell and Mossey passed O’Halloran.

A forgotten man in BSB these days  Kiyonari had moved right up to 9th place the race was now a proper race of attrition with peoples tyres really dropping off laps times had really dropped off. Bridewell re took Ellison as the Suzuki man moved ahead of the stricken O’halloran into 4th.

Byrne took the win ahead of Laverty in second with Mossey third, Bridewell kept fourth place ahead of Ellison,O’Halloran and Kiyonari. As in the first part of the race once Byrne took the lead he ran away with the race,Laverty showed the kind of form he had shown in the first few rounds of the year and Mossey again got on the podium as he continued his fine form of recent rounds. That win gave Byrne as gap of 26 points back to Haslam in the championship race and with his second place Laverty got himself back into the top 6 pushing his team mate out who again suffered a bad race.





Race 2:

Byrne again started race 2 from pole O’Halloran was starting from 2nd and his fellow Australian McConnell joined him on the front row in 3rd, Laverty who finished 2nd in race 1 started in 4th place ahead of a much improved Ellison in 6th and Haslam in 7th. To add to the tyre issues that many had to deal with the weather also threw up a variable with a few spits of rain falling before the race began.

O’Halloran got a great start but was passed on the outside by Byrne into turn one Laverty then came through on O’Halloran with McConnell coming through in 4th. Haslam and Ellison stayed toghether off the start running 5th and 6th. Laverty took the lead as it looked as if Byrne had a gear lever issue that forced the him to retire from the race, This left Laverty at the front ahead of O’Halloran in 2nd and Haslam in 3rd place.

With Byrne out it was a a far more open battle for the win on lap 5 Laverty lead the way from O’Halloran,Haslam,Mossey,McConnell,Hickman,Ellison and Bridewell. Linfoot meanwhile after starting down the grid had moved his way up and was the fastest man on the circuit on lap 6 of the race.




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Haslam moved into 2nd past O’halloran on lap 8 and looked set to pass Laverty as it looked as if the Northern Irish man was trying to break away from the 3 riders behind him. His team mate Hickman had moved up to 5th place as it looked like the issues they were suffering from earlier had been cleared as Ellison was also well up in 8th much better than previous weekends for Ellison.




Linfoot moved past Hickman to go 5th as he was still much faster than the 4 riders in front of him as he looked to recover the points he lost after hs DNF in race 1. At the front Haslam was really pressuring Laverty right on the back wheel of the BMW with 7 laps to go. Linfoot dispatched McConnell and set about hunting down his team mate in 3rd place a very impressive race for the Honda man.With 4 laps to go it looked as if Linfoot had used the best of his tyre as he didnt seem to be able to close the gap to the front 3. In front of him his team mate made a harsh move on Haslam to go 2nd, Haslam fell back and left O’halloran and Laverty alone at the front as it looked as his tyres had also gone off.

Iriwn showing real good form had moved up past Linfoot moving into 4th and showing the sort of form many expected from the young Northern Irish man. Linfoot also fell victim to the group of Kawasakis behind him the Honda man just ran out of tyres. Irwin closed right up on the back of Haslam and passed Haslam to go 3rd.



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At the front Laverty and broke away from O’Halloran the Honda agan seemed to have used up its tyres as the Australian just about held on to 2nd place ahead of Irwin. Laverty took
an impressive win for the TYCO BMW team he held the lead and stayed calm under pressure. O’Halloran held on for second place another good result for him and the Honda but the man of race 2 without doubt was Glenn Irwin 3rd place in his debut season in BSB fantastic result for the Carrick man.





After that race the top 6 in the championship looks like this :

1.Shane Byrne PBM Be Wiser Ducati: 181
2.Leon Haslam JG Speedfit Kawasaki: 166
3.Jason O’Halloran Honda Racing: 146
4.Michael Laverty TYCO BMW: 135
5.Dan Linfoot Honda Racing: 118
6.James Ellison JG Speedfit: Kawasaki 109



The Next Race I will be covering will be BSB at Brands Hatch This will be 5th-7th August make sure you keep an eye on both my Twitter feeds (@weephil56 and @Tractionblog) as I have a few more rider Q and As hopefully to come in the next few weeks as well. But if you are craving bike action before that Eurosport will be covering the full Suzuka 8 hour race from 3:30am next weekend many WSBK and BSB stars are competing it always well worth a watch.


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