Bjorn Estment Q and A



1. What started your interest in racing motorbikes ?

Ever since I was a small boy I loved motorbikes or anything with a engine really, My father and my uncle were very good bike racers in there day on and off road so it was a natural path really, I just really liked the sound speed and look of the whole show.



2. This is your second season in the BSS class how do you feel it is going compared to last year ?

To be honest this season has been far from perfect, I must say I had expected and believed it would be great, and be one to remember. Due to many circumstances engine issues, false promises, brake issues, bad luck and the fact that this is motorsport and this is part of the game. So to answer the question- It has not gone as well as last year all be it we are much more competitive and able to match and run at the front when the bike and package is right.





3. You are riding for the East Coast Racing team this year the same team that run Lee Johnston in the roads how do you find the team ?

The team are great, they are a very professional outfit and I am very privelledged to be associated with such a good bunch of guys and more correctly proffesionals. I always looked at the East coast construction team as a goal and to be a junior in the ranks and involved with them is really great. It helps a lot that Lee is a really good friend of mine and we have a great relationship as well as the big Boss Phil.






F13k Cancer FB page



4. I have noticed you have taken a big role in helping Lee out with his F13k cancer charity how did this come about ?

As I said I regard Lee as a very close mate and when I heard and followed his campaign F13kcancer I wondered how I could be involved and help what I believe to be not only a great cauce but a campaign which fights and will beat a dreaded disease real that touches each and everyones life in some way or another,The team association just allowed me a platform to really say F13k Cancer.







5. Would you ever consider giving road racing a go or do you prefer to be a spectator for it ?

At this point in time I prefer to be a spectator although I really have an itch for it and would like to one day give it a go, It would have to be with the right team and the right mind set. its not as forgiving as track racing and theres little margin for error. I have a massive respect for the discipline skill and bravery of the likes of Lee Johnston, John Macguiness Gary Johnson and all the boys who compete week in and week out.







Kayalami / pic credit:

6. What would be your favourite circuit on the British Calendar and around the World?

My Favorite track in the UK is without doubt Brands hatch GP I Love the place.
My favorites around the world well there are a few but some of the definates are Kyalami (south Africa) Laguna seca (usa) and Mugello (Italy)









7. Which riders did you follow growing up ?

I have always and will always be a Valentino Rossi fanatic the guy is just a legend. I have always also liked and followed my uncle Dave Estment, John Hopkins, Troy Bayliss and I am a growing fan of Andrea Iannone.







8. Do you see a step into BSB in your future on are you just concentrating on BSS at this moment in time?


Every rider I think naturally wants to progress and I would love to race in BSB and be at the sharp end. I will get there I know I have a direct determination to achieve and succeed and will make the dream work. For now the focus is on the second half of the season in British supersport. Follow me on Twitter @bjornestment27 and on Instagram @bjorn_e27ment #HellYeah



I want to say thank you to Bjorn for taking time to do this for me and wish him the best of luck in the rest of the season.

Pictures courtesy of @photography_rjd you know the score by now go give him a follow great pictures from Ulster Grand Prix and BTCC Knockhill.


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