BSB RD 10 Review

BSB Qualifying:

1 91 S 1 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
2 67 S 2 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
3 77 S 3 James ELLISON GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
4 12 S 4 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – Quattro Plant Teccare Kawasaki
5 24 Christian IDDON 1 GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
6 4 S 5 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – Honda Racing
7 46 Tommy BRIDEWELL 2 GBR Suzuki – Bennetts Suzuki
8 22 S 6 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Honda – Honda Racing
9 60 Peter HICKMAN 3 GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
10 14 Lee JACKSON 4 GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW Motorrad

BSB race 1:


Haslam got away from the line well but it was Ellison who lead into to turn one from Haslam and Byrne, Iddon who qualified well made a move on Byrne on lap one to go into 3rd as he looked to show the type of form he had earlier in the season Byrne retook 3rd at the end of the lap. Byrne moved into 2nd as Haslam struggled to get the speed out of the harder tyres he had on his team mate Ellison was looking comfortable at the front. The only other top 6 rider running at the front was O’Halloran in 6th place he was behind Iddon and Hickman and just in front of Laverty.

Byrne moved past Ellison on lap 3 as the Ducati man looked to set his marker down in the first race of the showdown,Behind them Mossey crashed out of the race not how he would have wanted to start the Showdown. At the front it was now Byrne leading from Haslam as the two main men in the title fight looked to be having a straight for the race win Ellison was still hanging onto their rear wheels, Behind them it was Iddon and O’Halloran fighting out for 4th place with Hickman just off the back of them in 6th O’Halloran moved past Iddon into 4th as he set about catching the front 3 to make his claim for this years title.

On lap 9 the race had settled into a sort of calm running with everyone just figuring out where they wer stronger and save some tyre life for the end of the race,Byrne continued to lead from Haslam and Ellison with O’Halloran and Iddon behind them respectivly,During this lap Ellison seemed to drop off the back of Haslam and Byrne as it looked like the soft tyres were starting to lose their grip on his Kawasaki at least as Byrne was using similar tyres but was eeking out a gap over Haslam.


Lap 12 and Byrne had really turned up the wick on the Ducati setting a new lap record and opening up a slight gap on Haslam in second a it looked like the PBM team had recovered well from the awful round at Oulton Park the battle for third was heating up with O’Halloran closing right up on Ellison behind them Hickman and Cooper were together fighting over 5th and 6th place another top 6 man Linfoot was closing in on Hickman and Cooper as he looked to recover from an awful first lap where he got beaten up a bit.

On lap 17 Byrne had opened up a two second gap as the 4 time champ looked to be stamping his authority on this years showdown with a dominant performance, The battle for third was still on with Ellison and O’Halloran still together and behind them there was a 4 way battle between Hickman,Cooper,Linfoot and Iddon for 5th place Iddon just off the back of the battle but showing alot better than he had been in recent weeks.

O’Halloran passed Ellison on lap 19 to go into third but Ellison wasnt giving up trying to bite back at ahead of them Haslam was dropping tim hand over fist to Byrne over a second a lap as it looked like the hard tyre he choose was dropping off in a big way. As they headed onto the last lap Byrne lead the way easily from Haslam with O’Halloran leading Ellison for the final podium place.Byrne took the commanding first race win to stamp his authority on the showdown Haslam managed to hold onto second place with O’Halloran taking third ahead of Ellison,Peter Hickman beat out Cooper,Linfoot and Iddon to take 5th place another very good race for the JG Speedfit Kawasaki team.

Race 1 result:

1 67 S 1 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
2 91 S 2 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
3 22 S 3 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Honda – Honda Racing
4 77 S 4 James ELLISON GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
5 60 1 Peter HICKMAN GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
6 47 2 Richard COOPER GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW Motorrad
7 4 S 5 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – Honda Racing
8 24 3 Christian IDDON GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
9 21 4 John HOPKINS USA Yamaha – ePayMe Yamaha
10 7 5 Michael LAVERTY GBR BMW – Tyco BMW

BSB Race 2 :

1. Shane Byrne PBM Ducati
2. Leon Haslam JG SPeedfit Kawasaki
3.Jason O’Halloran Honda BSB
4.James Ellison JG Speedfit
5.Richard Cooper Buildbase BMW
6.Christian Iddon Tyco BMW
7.Peter Hickman
8.Dan Linfoot
9.Tommy Bridewell


Haslam lead the way into turn one ahead of his team mate Ellison but they swapped places into turn 2, Byrne came through in 3rd place a coming together brtween O’Halloran and Hickman caused the austrailian to crash out of the race causing serious damage to his title chances. Linfoot made a much brighter start to the race running in 4th place ahead of a rejuvinated Iddon and Hickman.

At the front of the race Ellison had made a slight break from Haslam and Byrne who were coming under pressure the group of Linfoot,Iddon and Hickman. The other top 6 contender Mossey was struggling down in 12th place and after not scoring in race 1 his title chances were at the best slim at this stage of the race. On lap 4 the race very much settled down as the riders settled into their rythms Byrne at this point set another brand new lap record with all 3 guys at the front under the record Byrne set in race one all three of them now together on track and getting away from Linfoot.

On lap 7 Haslam hit the front passing Ellison leaving Byrne to have to try and find his way past which he did later into the lap Haslam and Byrne passed each other tripping each other up allowing Ellison to re take the lead but only for half a lap as Haslam repassed Ellison. Behind them and due to all the trippng up Linfoot had closed right onto the back of the group. Byrne passed Ellison to go second once again and was followed through by Linfoot leaving Ellison fourth as he finished in race one while Haslam and Bynre fought it out once again at the front. Byrne in second very much looked the danger man again at this stage of the race setting faster lap times than everyone else Ellison in 4th was being harrassed by Iddon who seemed to have found a solution to the issues he had been suffering with the BMW the last few weeks. In third place Linfoot was matching the front two lap times and was closing onto the rear wheel of them, Byrne dived down the inside of Haslam on lap 12 to take the lead Haslam then dropped the bike trying to stay with Byrne.

After Haslams accident it was now Byrne out alone in the lead and at this stage it looked like he would be taking a massive lead in the showdown for the championship Linfoot continued to run in second place but didnt seem to have an anwser for Byrne, Behind those two it was Iddon now in third place the TYCO man trying to prove he deserves a seat in the team next season. Ellison was really struggling falling behind Bridewell and Cooper in 7th place as all the title contenders apart from Linfoot and Byrne struggling in this race.


5 laps to go Byrne was controlling the pace of the race at the front keeping the gap stationary to Linfoot in second Linfoot in turn had a sizeable gap to Iddon in 3rd place. Hopkins was forced to rtire with a bike issue the experienced American had a strong practice but struggled in the races this weekend. Unlike his team mate Laverty continued to struggle on his BMW not showing anywhere near the pace he had early on in the season.

As they went onto the last lap barring any major issues for the front four riders the race was pretty much sown up Byrne had a comfortable lead ahead of Linfoot in 2nd and Iddon in 3rd, Behind him Hickman was in 4th Cooper and Bridewell were still fighting over 5th place. Byrne crossed the line first taking a commanding lead in the championship table Linfoot did his challenge the world of good with a second place and Iddon gave Philip Neill something to smile about with a third place.

Race 2 Result:

1 67 S 1 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
2 4 S 2 Dan Linfoot GBR Honda – Honda Racing
3 24 S 3 Christian Iddon GBR BMW – TYCO BMW
4 60 S 4 Peter Hickman GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
5 47 Richard Cooper GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW
6 46 Tommy Bridewell GBR Suzuki – Bennetts Suzuki
7 7 James Ellison GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
8 12 Luke Mossey GBR Kawasaki – Quattro Plant Kawasaki

All photos thanks to @photography_rjd



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