Filip Backlund Q and A



jmc_5791Have has the season been going for you so far?

It has been a mixture really. The winter and preseason went really well and my pace was strong. Unfortunatly I wanted a little bit too much on our last official test at Donington Park, just a week before the first round at Silverstone, which resulted in a broken collarbone, operation and then start to work back again. If we look on the race season in terms of races I’m not where I want to be in terms of the pace and feeling on the bike. I think that coming back from an injury has a few different parts, first you need to recover and get back your strength, after that the mental part comes in. For me I know exactly what I want to do in my head, but when I’m getting out there on track I’m falling in to “bad habits” and trying to much, trying to go quick where I need to take it easy and then that results that I’m not going quick enough on the areas where I need to go quick.






Does having a fast team mate like Luke Mossey help you to improve your pace ?

I think me and Luke are two good team mates in the way that our bike setups are very similar to each other. To answer on your question, yes it’s very good to have such a strong team mate. We have a good partnership and shares our data between us. Luke is one of the quickest riders out there so for me to be able to compare my data with his is good.









There aren’t many racers from Sweden how did you get started with Bikes?

No Sweden haven’t had to many success stories in road racing, although we have had a two time World Champion in Kent Andersson, 1973-74. My career started in 1993, three years old and my dad brought me out to our home motocross track where in the early 90’s the World Championship in motocross had races. My dad have told me story that I was hooked and we had an agreement, when I could do my pushbike without the extra wheels I got my first bike. It didn’t took many days before that was done and I got my first Honda 50cc motocross bike when I was three. I started to do races when I was seven and was racing in the different motocross championships until 11-12 before my mom said stop for motocross because of injuries.


I have always been very fascinated about speed, and road racing is all about speed so that’s the sport I went for. First a year when I was 12 in “mini moto” and then when I got 12-13 I got my first Aprilia 125cc, I won the Swedish Championship straight away in my first year and became the first 13 year old to ever win a Swedish Championship. The year after I went up a class with an Aprilia 250cc bike, and went to win the Championship their as well, and after that year I signed a contract with Suzuki to race for them in Scandinavia and around in Europe in different Championships. Between the years of 2005-2011 I raced for Suzuki in mainly Superbike classes. In Sweden I became the youngest Superbike Champion at the age of 19. I have been fortune to race for Suzuki in both European Championships, German Championships, FIM Superstock 1000 (youth world championship) and as well World Endurance, before I in 2012 signed for Kawasaki and to start race over in the UK, first 1.5 season in the British Superstock 1000 Championship for ILR Kawasaki and SMT Kawasaki. In the end of 2014 I went on to finish off my season with the official factory Yamaha team, FFX Yamaha which was great and a superb learning period. In 2015 I rode for Anvil Hire TAG Kawasaki and now in 2016 for Quattro Plant Cool Kawasaki.



dsc_2074Who was a rider you followed when you were growing up ?

If I’m going to be honest I never really follow to many riders when I grow up. I don’t really know why but I think I was so much up in my own things so I didn’t really watch too much outside that “bubble” if you know what I mean.

With that said, I have had two riders that I have look up for in one way or another. My first rider and who also become one of my dearest friends, his name is Mikael Nilsson. He was my team mate during all my years at Suzuki. When I come in to Suzuki he learned me so much, helped me to develop, help me to push myself harder and harder all the time. I still call him from time to time to get advice and help so he will always have a special part in my life and career. The second man who I still amaze is no other then Valentino Rossi. Yes, first of all because he is such a great and talented rider but also his ability to still today push himself and still find motivation to continue work that extreme hard to move forward and perform better all the time. I have think about what makes him push and work that hard all the time, and I guess it’s only himself that can answer that question.




Is there a track which you really enjoy racing at ?

I have a lot of tracks that I love and really enjoy riding around. We have some great tracks here in the UK such as Donington Park, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Oulton Park, Thruxton, Snetterton 300, so many great ones. Europe we have so so many great ones so hard to mention them all but plenty.



What would you class as a good season for you personally ?

I have had a great career if I’m looking back at it, already from my first season in 125cc and all through the years. Last year in 2015 was maybe my first time I haven’t been able to reach my personal goals over a season, and so far, in 2016 I’m not where my goal is but I’m a hard believer in that hard work pays off. I know what I want and I will never give up to reach that goal!




Where do you see yourself in the future WSBK/Moto gp ?

My biggest goal is still to become a world champion and I’m still working every day to reach that goal. For the moment I will also say that I’m enjoying riding in the British Championship. It’s such a great championship, everything from the level of the teams to the organization who runs the championship, the media and of course the audience and fans who follow this. It’s amazing to be a part of this and for now I’m happy where I’m.



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