BSB RD 11 Review

Qualifying for race 1:

1 67 S 1 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
2 77 S 2 James ELLISON GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
3 91 S 3 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
4 12 S 4 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – Quattro Plant Teccare Kawasaki
5 22 S 5 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Honda – Honda Racing
6 4 S 6 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – Honda Racing
7 47 Richard COOPER 1 GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW Motorrad
8 32 Broc PARKES 2 AUS Yamaha – ePayMe Yamaha
9 24 Christian IDDON 3 GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
10 7 Michael LAVERTY 4 GBR BMW – Tyco BMW



BSB Race 1:



Byrne got away well from the line but was passed into turn one by Ellison Mossey came through to 3rd with O’Halloran and Haslam just behind him, Hopkins made a great start finding his way to 6th place Laverty followed him through up to 8th. Mossey made a move on Byrne to go second just as Haslam was making moves on O’Halloran to go fourth recovering from a bad start, Mossey then passed Ellison to take the lead of the race and was looking strong him and Haslam were the two riders who had used the harder tyre throughout the year.





At the front of the race it was a group of four fighting for the win with Mossey leading from Ellison,Byrne and the recovering Haslam, On lap 4 of the race Ellison and Byrne both moved past Mossey as that was happening the Hondas of Linfoot and O’Halloran closed in on the group in front making it a 6 way fight for the win. Haslam made a move on Mossey as it looked like Ellison and Bynre were slowly opening up a gap on them Mossey not looking to quite have the pace of th front 3 now.Mossey re took 3rd place from Haslam as he ran in deep on Byrne and had to back it off to avoid contact with him, At the front Byrne took the lead from Ellison and was looking the strongest of the front group Haslam re passed Mossey for third place at the same time.


Laverty was right on the back wheel of the Hondas now showing much better pace than he has in previous weeks and even in qualifying, Haslam passed his team mate Ellison to go second and set about passing Byrne in first. On lap 10 Haslam passed Byrne to go into the lead Ellison followed him through pushing Byrne back to third and being put under pressure from Mossey. Ellison passed Haslam to take the lead passing him into the spot Haslam has been passing everyone but Haslam retook the lead going into the Hairpin.



On Lap 13 Byrne went through on Ellison to go 2nd and Linfoot followed him through to go into 3rd it was all change at the front as Mossey was moved back to 7th place in the space of 2 corners Laverty moved up to 5th place in the melee. Byrne further in the lap moved into the lead passing Haslam and opening up a bit of a gap in the process, Ellison moved underneath Linfoot to go back into 3rd both of them slightly losing touch with the front two.


With four laps to go the front 3 of Byrne,Haslam and Ellison had broken away from the group behind as all of them started to step up their lap times it was Byrne and Haslam really streching it Ellison not quite having the pace of them in the latter stages of the race. Mossey was now at the head of the group behind taking over 4th place he was ahead of Linfoot,O’Halloran and Laverty in that order.



dsc_1986-2On lap 17 Haslam passed Byrne to take the lead of the race Byrne fought back but didnt quite have the room to do it, Behind them O’Halloran was now 4th but the battle for that position was far from over. As they headed onto the last lap Haslam lead the way but Byrne was right on his rear wheel the two of them locked together, Haslam took the win by the smallest of margins ahead of Byrne and Ellison in 3rd, Linfoot came home 4th ahead of O’Halloran in 5th, Laverty 6th and Mossey in 7th.



Race 1 Result:


91 S 1 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
2 67 S 2 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati
3 77 S 3 James ELLISON GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
4 4 S 4 Dan LINFOOT GBR Honda – Honda Racing
5 22 S 5 Jason O’HALLORAN AUS Honda – Honda Racing
6 7 1 Michael LAVERTY GBR BMW – Tyco BMW
7 12 S 6 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – Quattro Plant Teccare Kawasaki
8 47 2 Richard COOPER GBR BMW – Buildbase BMW Motorrad
9 32 3 Broc PARKES AUS Yamaha – ePayMe Yamaha
10 21 4 John HOPKINS USA Yamaha – ePayMe Yamaha


BSB race 2:


Race 2 grid:

1.Jason O’Halloran Honda BSB
2.Dan Linfoot Honda BSB
3.James Ellison JG SPeedfit Kawasaki
4.Luke Mossey Quattro Plant Kawasaki
5.Leon Haslam JG Speedfit Kawasaki
6.Shane Byrne PBM Ducati
7.Michael Laverty Tyco BMW
8.Billy McConnell FS3 Kawasaki
9.Richard Cooper Buildbase BMW
10.John Hopkins Epayme Yamaha



O’Halloran got away well from Pole leading into turn one from his team mate Linfoot and Ellison in third, Haslam managed to come through to fourth Byrne lost ground from a bad start dropping down the pack giving himself alot of work to do, Billy McConnell made a great start running 5th on the opening lap. Haslam passed Linfoot to go into third just as his team mate passed O’Halloran to go into the lead Byrne meanwhile was down in 12th place ahead of him Haslam had moved ahead of O’Halloran to move second.


Mossey was the man on the move on lap 3 moving ahead of McConnell and O’Halloran but O’Halloran fought back retaking the position further into the lap at the front of the race Ellison and Haslam swapped th lead twice in two corners allowing the group behind to pile up behind them with all the fighting going on it was allowing Byrne to re group and claw his way back up the pack.


DSC_1842-2Lap 4 saw Haslam retake the lead from Ellison hoping to make the most of Byrnes bad start and reclaim alot of points in the championship race,O’Halloran made a move on Ellison taking second place and Mossey followed him through asthe Kawaskai man got beaten up slightly after losing the lead to Haslam. Byrne had moved up to 7th place at this stage of the race and was right on the back of the group fighting it out for the win, At the front O’Halloran was putting Haslam under extreme pressure making him work hard for the win eventually passing him on lap 7.


Ellison moved underneath Mossey going into the chicane as they finished lap 7 moving into third just behind his team mate as both JG speedfit bikes looked to put O’Halloran under some pressure, Ellison moved underneath Haslam with a fair but aggresive move no love lost between the team mates. Ellison took the lead from O’Halloran into turn one on lap 9 and Haslam followed him through this race was truning into one of the best of the year in any race series.

Haslam passed Ellison to take the lead using a move I have only ever seen Jonathan Rea use around Assen,Iddon was setting fast lap times and was right on the rear wheel of Byrne whos progress had stopped at the rear of the group fighting for the win. Laverty set the fastest lap of the race on lap 11 as he and Smrz were also closing up on the back of the leading group.



Byrne moved up to 6th place as he finally started his march forward almost as soon as he did that he passed Mossey to take 5th place ahead of him O’Halloran had passed Ellison to take over second place but Ellison retook the position as they started to lose ground slightly on Haslam in the lead. Byrne moved through to 4th passing Linfoot into turn one looking as if he had timed it to perfection looking to have superior tyre life left compared to most in front of him.

O’Halloran again passed Ellison and was followed through by the hard charging Byrne Linfoot also passed Ellison he was also passed by Mossey as it looked like his pace had completely gone, Byrne moved inside O’Halloran into turn one and set about hunting down Haslam in the lead amazng pace from the 4 time champion he closed right onto the back wheel of Haslam setting the fastest lap in the process.

As they went onto the last lap it was Haslam vs Byrne Haslam led into turn one taking away one of Byrnes favourite passing spots O’Halloran remained in a lonely 3rd. Haslam won a brilliant race from Byrne with O’Halloran coming home in third place Linfoot crossed the line 4th ahead of Mosey 5th and Laverty in 6th, That win for Haslam closed the title fight up to just 17 points.


Race 2 Result:

1.Leon Haslam JG Speedit Kawasaki
2.Shane Byrne PBM Ducati
3.Jason O’Halloran Honda BSB
4.Dan Linfoot Honda BSB
5.Luke Mossey Quattro Plant Kawaski
6.Michael Laverty Tyco BMW
7.James Ellison JG Speedfot Kawaski
8.Christian Iddon Tyco BMW
9.Broc Parkes Epayme Yamaha
10.Richard Cooper Buildbase BMW


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