David Johnson Q and A


David Johnson Q and A


Firstly I want to ask how the recovery is coming along after your accident ?

Recovery is going great. This is the longest recovery from injury I’ve ever had to do so it’s been very frustrating. Not being able to do all the fun things people do out here in Australia during summer (Wake boarding, motoXing, etc) but I’m back to light training everyday now. I’ll be running again in a few weeks. Very happy that I will make a full recovery though. That was a huge crash with lots of injuries.




Norton Website

Apart from that how do you feel your 2016 went ?


Well if it wasn’t for the Ulster GP crash, I’d say it was a great year. I had fun and did good in the BSB races I completed in, decent NW200 and did things no body thought was possible on the Norton so I was happy enough.






 You have had a few run outs in the British Championships is this something you would consider full time or do you stick strictly to the roads ?



MCN Australia

I was full time in the BSB from 2002 – 2014 with some great results and race wins but I really enjoying my life at the minute. Im making a living doing the main international road races and I get to spend more time at home with my family and girlfriend in Australia. It would have to be a good offer to get me to race back in BSB full time and that ain’t going to happen as barely anybody gets paid to race there.







 You have a new team mate in Josh Brookes for the TT how do you think he will help develop the Norton ?

It will be interesting as it’s not a bike that many people come to grips with, as previous results show. But I’m sure he will have some good input that will help.



Do you think the Norton could be a winning bike this year with either you or Josh ?




If everything runs perfect we can definitely fight for the podium. We still had our fair share of problems last year. But when things were going well, we were about to do what we did. Fingers crossed we have a good smooth run this year and we’ll be up there somewhere I’m sure.




Apart from the TT are you planning on doing either of the NW200 or the UGP this year ?


I also have a BMW Superstock ride with Fleetwood Grab Services BMW and we are planning on doing selected BSB Stock races plus the Superstock TT. At Norton we are planning to do NW200 and possibly the Ulster GP. I’m also doing the Classic TT with York Suzuki team. I’ll also do Macau GP but no idea who for yet. That’s always a last minute deal is Macau.


 How did you get started in racing?


My dad Murray (Muzzzy) used to race superbikes in the 70’s here in Australia and had a bike shop so I have been around bikes my whole life. I raced BMX from when I was 4. Ended up racing all over the world at that including 2 world championships in 97 & 98 then made the move to Motorbikes at 16. I raced 2 years in Australia in 2000 & 2001 then got a deal to race BSB 600 Superstock in 2002. It’s been a mega experience since fun!



 Was there any rider you followed growing up ?



Sunshine Coast Daily

Mick Doohan I looked up to the most and still do. I wanted to be him ever since I had my first ride on a race track back in 1998!









Where is your favourite circuit to race ?


Sachsenring in Germany has always been my favourite track. I raced there in the German Championship in 2005. Love that place!




What would make a successful 2017 for David Johnson ?


Anywhere on the podium at the TT and I’ll be happy.








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