MotoGP 2017 preview: Pramac Ducati

There’s a few teams that use Ducati bikes in MotoGP, but Pramac are the main customer outfit. This year, they even get one of the current models to play with!

That’s right. One.

They’re a two rider team.

The Bike


Picture from the Pramac website

That’s what the two bikes will look like. What they are underneath? Well, thats a fun story for all the family.

Last year, Ducati announced that Pramac would be getting a 2017 Desmo as part of their deal. Just one. This posed an issue for the team, what with having two riders and all. So, they let them race it out. An in-house championship, with the prize being a current Ducati Desmosedici. Danilo Petrucci won that, and so he will have the GP17, whereas Scott Redding will have last year’s Desmo.

Here’s the specs for this year’s bike.

Name Ducati Desmosedici GP 17
Engine 1000cc inline four cylinder
Power >250bhp
Chassis Aluminium alloy twin-spar
Transmission DST-Evo chain final drive
Brakes Brembo, 2x340mm front, 2×4-piston callipers. Single disc rear with twin-piston calliper

The riders



9 – Danilo Petrucci
Age 26 Born Terni, Italy
Honours None
2016 14th, 75pts
Race Record
Class Races Wins Podiums Points Best
European Superstock 600 22 3 ? 237 4th, 2009
Superstock 1000 Cup 20 4 7 232 2nd, 2011
MotoGP 82 0 1 258 10th, 2015

Never forget Danilo Petrucci’s rain-assisted second-place finish at Silverstone in 2015. He kept his cool where other, more experienced heads, lost theirs. He briefly led in Assed in the rain last year too, before an electrical failure let him down in the restarted race.

He’s good, there’s no doubt. He comes into his own in the wet though, clearly more comfortable at working his way through an uncertain pack as opposed to riding tooth for leather in the dry.


45 – Scott Redding
Age 24 Born Gloucester, England
Honours None
2016 15th, 74pts
Race Record
Class Races Wins Podiums Points Best
125CC 33 1 2 155.5 11th, 2008
Moto2 66 3 14 555 2nd, 2013
MotoGP 54 0 2 239 12th, 2014

Another rider who tends to be better in the wet, I still vividly remember Scott’s first and third place finishes in successive British Grand Prix in the last two years at Donington Park. Since then, I’ve been waiting for him to really get going and turn into the rider I expected him to be. One year in Moto2 excepted, it hasn’t happened.

He’s quick, he’s good, and he should probably be on a better bike. But, he hasn’t overly earned it. He needs to show some genuine promise soon, because if he’s not careful Pramac will find another promising young rider, and Redding won’t have the luxury of a new team being formed to fall back on to, like Bradley Smith did.

The team battle

Petrucci wins this. He has the added bonus of having this year’s bike, but he also shows a bit more on race day than Redding. He’s pretty good at getting out of Q1 as well, which is a big advantage.


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