Josh Brookes Q and A

Josh Brookes Q and A:


Q: 2016 by your standards wasn’t a great season but do you feel you learnt anything from it ?



A: I’ve had many interviews and exhausted the answers I have for the 2016 season. I feel like I did the best I could at every opportunity but in recent years the percentage that the rider contributes to the final result is getting smaller, its become harder to just force out a result.



Q: You are back on the R1 for the BSB season this year are you hoping to pick up where you left off in 2015 ?

A: I think it goes without question that 2015 on the R1 was an incredible season and will always be a bench mark I’ll aim for until i’ve bettered it.


Q: Was the fact Anvil Tag hire team isn’t the official Yamaha team a factor in you signing for them ?

A: I think you’ll find most riders would choose or seek a factory supported team so Tag not being the ‘factory’ labeled team wasn’t a draw card. They simply offered a position that met the criteria for both parties to agree.


Q: You are returning to the TT with Norton how did that come about and are you looking forward to the challenge of a new bike like the Norton ?

A: It came about by me calling Stewart Garner and expressing my interest in the project. I find it particularly interesting because of the history of Norton. I look forward to seeing how the bike performs and I hope I can offer my experience to help their development.


Q: Is there any plans to return to the NW 200 or even have a go at the Ulster Grand prix?  As a fan from Northern Ireland I would love to see you race here again

A: I have no interest in riding the Ulster but if Norton choose to compete in the NW200, I’ll
be there.


Q:You took part in the Suzuka 8 hour race last year again is this something you would like to4356188_orig do this year again ?

A: I find the Suzuka 8 hours one of the most gruelling events but its also one of my favourite, I would love to win it and will continue to go each year that i’m invited. At the moment I don’t have an invitation to ride this year so i await eagerly.



Q: What racers did you follow growing up ?

A: I watched all the Grand Prix events when I was a kid but I wasn’t so interested in the
riders, it was the GP bikes that had my attention. The most inspirational rider I followed
was Rick Johnson (AMA MX/Supercross) .


Q: How did you get into racing ?

A: My older brother Ben pressed my dad to get motorbikes. So a path was already formed for me.

Q: If you weren’t a bike racer is there another sport you would have liked to try ?

A: No its always been bikes.

Q: What is your favourite place to race ?

A: I don’t know as I never got to ride a 500 GP bike. Anywhere on one of those would be my



I want to thank Josh for taking the time to answer my questions and would like to wish him best of luck for the coming season, Also a big thanks to @photography_rjd for the photos.


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