BSB RD 2 Review

Race 1:

The front three for race one was made up of James Ellison, Luke Mossey and Leon Haslam all three of them set times sub 45sec each under the lap record, The second row was headed by Shane Byrne he was joined by John Hopkins and the Honda of Jason O’Halloran an impressive showing for the fireblade. Christian Iddon who felt he had the race pace but not the one lap pace started from seventh he was joined by Josh Brookes and Michael Laverty on the third row.

Ellison got away well leading into turn one ahead of Haslam and  Mossey but that was short lived as Haslam took the lead into turn two, Hopkins also made a brilliant start making his way up to fourth ahead of Iddon and O’Halloran. As they went through the final corner on lap one Mossey made a hard move on Ellison but ran the bike wide allowing Ellison to re take the place.

Entering lap two Ellison made a move on Haslam to take the lead behind them Mossey was right there to pick up any pieces should it end in tears, Iddon made his way through on Hopkins to move into fourth place they were followed by the two Hondas of O’Halloran and Linfoot. Haslam was making alot of mistakes running wide alot and looking like he was really pushing on lap three those mistakes allowed Mossey to pass him and try to hunt down Ellison who had now opened up a sizable gap at the front.

The front four of Ellison,Mossey,Haslam and Iddon had opened up a gap on the rest of the field by lap seven that group was being led by O’Halloran ahead of his team mate Linfoot,Hopkins and Byrne. Laverty was leading another seperate group being put under pressure from Hickman and Irwin from behind,Former champion Brookes was struggling to find any pace in twelfth.

On lap twelve and with a sizable gap back to second place Ellison crashed out of the race leaving Mossey to take over the lead of the race at this stage he had opened up a gap over Haslam and Iddon who were in a real battle for what was now second place. Byrne had now made his way up to fourth moving past the Hondas and behind them there was a real battle over seventh with Laverty just ahead of Irwin and Hickman.

By lap sixteen Mossey had extended his lead as Haslam was now concentrating on Iddon who was putting him under heavy pressure, Byrne in fourth was slowly catching them at this stage of the race he had slightly gapped the Hondas, Brookes had now re grouped after his bad start and was now in the pack fighting over seventh place.

On lap twenty Iddon made his move on Haslam to take second place from the Kawasaki man at the front Mossey had over a two second gap so this was very much as far as Iddon was going to go without a massive mistake at the front.

As they went onto lap twenty five Byrne started to really up his pace closing right in on Haslam and Iddon, Haslam as responding to this by putting Iddon under serious pressure not wanting to lose the point advantage he had over Byrne. The final lap saw Mossey well out in front leading by over three seconds but the battle for the podium was still on with Byrne now right on the rear wheel of Iddon who had been passed by Haslam.

Mossey did take the win for his very first in the BSB class he lead home his team mate Haslam, Iddon managed to hold off the hard charging Byrne who will be disappointed not to pick up any podium credits or take points off Haslam. O’Halloran and Irwin completed the top six an impressive outing for the new Fireblade as well as Irwin who had started well down the grid.



Race 2:

The front three for race two remained the same as Ellison set the fastest lap in race one before crashing out Mossey and Haslam were second and third, Row two was headed by Iddon ahead of the Ducatis of Byrne and Irwin, Row three had the Hondas of Linfoot and O’Halloran they were joined by Hickman.

Before the race even started there was drama Ellison whos bike had been re build after his accident in race one appeared to have a serious issue pulling in after one sighting lap looking visibly upset by something as it turned out on the grid something was wrong with the front end of the R1 and unfortunately even after last minute work on the grid Ellison was unable to start the race pulling out after the warm up laps.

Haslam got away from the line well leading the pack into turn one ahead of his team mate Mossey and Iddon, O’Halloran made a great start making his way up to fourth he was followed by Hickman and Byrne, As in race one Haslam seemed to be struggling for grip he was running wide in most of the corners but Mossey looked content to sit and watch in the early stages of the race.

As they went onto lap four the order of the race remained stationary down to Byrne, Behind him however Linfoot was putting in fast lap times and was putting Laverty under pressure and in turn dragging Brookes along with him. At the front of the race Mossey took the lead on lap five looking like just as he had in race he would be able to stretch the lead and leave everyone in his wake, Iddon remained in touch with the front two with the impressive O’Halloran showing well again on the new Honda.

At this point in the race Byrne seemed to be struggling to get past Hickman but wasnt feeling any pressure from behind as his team mate Irwin was a little further back, At the front of the race Iddon moved past Haslam to go second as Mossey looked like he was making his break.

Byrne finally managed to get past Hickman on lap eleven as he attempted to go at least one better than race one and make the podium limiting the damage done by Haslam securing podiums and points in every race so far this year. A few laps later Byrne moved his way up to fourth just as his team mate Irwin made a move on Hickman while they were battling it out Iddon had not let Mossey escape and was actually putting some pressure on him.

By lap eighteen there was a group of four at the front of the race with Mossey, Iddon, Haslam and Byrne all fighting it out for the win just behind them O’Halloran was trying to fend off Irwin but was unsuccessful as the Ducati man passed him with ease.

As Irwin made his pass Brookes was on the move passing Hickman and showing a bit more pace than we had seen from him all weekend, Unfortunately for Irwin just as he was closing in on the front four he crashed out of the race in the final turn and that was the end of the woes for the PBM racing team.

Exactly a lap later Byrne crashed out of the race in the exact same place as Irwin he had just made a move on Haslam but seemed to come in to tight into the final turn and tucked the front causing him to crash overall a terrible race two for Birthday boy Paul Bird.

That incident for Byrne left the front three all alone Mossey had a slight gap to Iddon in second and Haslam lost touch with them slightly due to Byrne’s pass, O’Halloran and Brookes were locked together but well behind the podium places. Coming onto the penultimate lap it looked like Mossey had the race well in hand pulling out a gap over Iddon who looked to have hit the end of the tyre life of his BMW he in turn did have a good gap back to Haslam.

Mossey did take the win completing the double and giving the JG Speedfit team all four wins in this year championship so far, Iddon brought his BMW home in second an impressive weekend for the TYCO team who are still getting to grips with the new bike after a difficult winter test, Haslam completed the podium he had sturggled for the majority of the weekend never getting to grips with the indy circuit so to score solid points and get podium credits he appeared happy with this weekends work.



Championship Standings after two Rounds:



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