BSB RD 3 Review

Race 1:

1 67 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati Racing Team
2 91 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
3 12 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
4 25 Josh BROOKES AUS Yamaha – Anvil Hire TAG Racing
5 2 Glenn IRWIN GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati Racing Team
6 27 Jake DIXON GBR Kawasaki – RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki
7 22 Jason O’HALLORAN GBR Honda – Honda Racing
8 60 Peter HICKMAN GBR BMW – Smiths Racing
9 24 Christian IDDON GBR BMW – Tyco BMW Motorrad


Haslam took the lead into turn one leading the way from Byrne and Mossey, Brookes started well maintaining his fourth place he was followed by Dixon and Irwin. As the field completed lap one the order remained the same as it had after the first corner, O’Halloran,Hickman and Iddon were now on the back of the leading group as the riders continued to get into their rhythm.

By lap three the front four of Haslam,Byrne,Mossey and Brookes had spilt off from the chasing group who at this point were being lead by Irwin who again was having another good showing for the Paul bird team early on. Completeing lap five Haslam continued to lead Byrne and Mossey were right with him Brookes was starting to drop off unable to keep the pace of the front three, Behind them Irwin was now having to fend off a hard charging O’Halloran.

The impressive rookie Bradley Ray unfortunately crashed out of the race on lap seven he wa running in fifteenth, At the front of the race Haslam and Byrne had started to gap Mossey but all three had completely dropped Brookes in fourth his main focus was now on Irwin who was the man on the move at this point of the race and was closing down the Austrilaian every lap. Former WSBK champion Guintoli continued his torrid start to the season on the new Suzuki GSXR retiring from the race on lap eight.

Mossey looked to have regrouped a lap or so later as he was right on the rear wheel of Byrne and Haslam, Behind this battle Ellison who had struggled for pace for much of the weekend was moving his way up through the field passing the sturggling BMW of Iddon to move into ninth.

On lap eleven there was two groups of three battling over first-third and fourth-sixth, Haslam conitnued to lead from Byrne and Mossey as they battled over the podium places Brookes lead the battle for fourth place he was ahead of O’Halloran, Hickman and Irwin,. Irwin had been ahead of Hickman but had a massive moment coming out of turn three and was extremely lucky to remain on the bike.

O’Halloran passed Brookes to take fourth on lap thirteen he was followed through by Hickman, Ellison had now moved his way to and was on the back of the three riders battling over fourth place Iddon had tagged onto him and was there as well, At the front Haslam was holding off Byrne but both riders had now seem to finally have broken Mossey’s challenege.

As they went onto the final lap Haslam had broken Byrne and now had a comfortable gap back to the Ducati he in turn had no pressure from Mossey who was well back in third place, The real battle on the final lap was for fourth place with Hickman,O’Halloran,Brookes,Ellison and Iddon all still in contention, Going into the final corner it was between Hickman,Ellison and O’Halloran for fourth place the Honda man made his move as all three dragged it out for the line.



Haslam took his third win of the year followed home by Byrne who scored his first podium of the season Mossey continued his fine start to the season completeing the podium, Behind them O’Halloran took fourth just ahead of Hickman and Ellison Brookes held onto seventh place ahead of Iddon, Irwin and Dixon completed the top ten.





Race 2:

1 91 Leon HASLAM GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
2 22 Jason O’HALLORAN GBR Honda – Honda Racing
3 67 Shane BYRNE GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati Racing Team
4 2 Glenn IRWIN GBR Ducati – Be Wiser Ducati Racing Team
5 77 James Ellison GBR Yamaha – McAms Yamaha
6 12 Luke MOSSEY GBR Kawasaki – JG Speedfit Kawasaki
7 60 Peter HICKMAN GBR BMW – Smiths Racing
8 24 Christian IDDON GBR BMW – Tyco BMW Motorrad
9 27 Jake DIXON GBR Kawasaki – RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki

Again it was Haslam who got away well leading again into turn one from O’Halloran and Ellison who got away well from fifth on the grid, Byrne came through in fourth ahead od his team mate Irwin and Iddon. By the start of lap two Haslam had dropped to fourth place being passed first by O’Halloran Ellison and Byrne were quick to follow him through, Ellison took the lead of the race from O’Halloran with a lovely move through Hissey’s.

Byrne moved into second place on lap three as it looked like he wanted to make the best use of his soft tyres before the harder tyres of the Kawasaki’s behind him came into their own, Haslam who was on the harder tyres remained in fourth place but was being put under pressure from his team mate Mossey as well as Iddon and Hickman.

As the field completed lap five Ellison continued to lead the race but Byrne was mounting serious pressure on him, O’Halloran was doing his best to fend off the hard charging Kawasaki’s in third place behind them the BMW’s of Iddon and Hickman were just hanging onto the leading group, Byrne eventually took the lead of the race on lap six making a pass on Ellison heading into Shell oils.

Haslam finally moved into third place on lap eight as he could see that Byrne was starting to make a gap on Ellison in second place, Mossey attempted to follow him through and did make the pass on O’Halloran but he retook the place almost instantly Mossey made the same move the following lap and made it stick this time but their battle had allowed a big gap to open between their group and the front three.

At the front of the race on lap twelve it was a battle between Byrne,Ellison and Haslam for the win behind them Mossey was in fourth place but being hounded by O’Halloran and Iddon, Brookes was just in touch with that group he was fighting off Irwin and Hickman as this group all felt they still had a chance for fourth.

Byrne had started to break away from Ellison and Haslam Haslam made a desperation move on Ellison into Shell oils but couldnt get the bike stopped and ran wide giving even more of a gap to Byrne at the front, Behind them Iddon made his way past O’Halloran and was now putting Mossey under pressure for his fourth place.

A massive incident occured on lap fifteenth what looked like a bike issue for Ellison caused him to lose all momentum and unfortunately Haslam could not avoid him and clipped him this caused a massive accident for the Kawasaki man with his bike ending up over the barricade Ellison was forced to retire as well both riders were ok Haslam was a little shaken up.That incident gave Byrne a massive gap to second place but the group that was fighting over fourth were all now fighting for the final podium places, Iddon lead the way but they were wheel to wheel down to Hickman in seventh place.

Irwin was a man on a mission at this stage smelling his best result in BSB the Northern irish man made a harsh move on O’Halloran as they went into Hissey’s that gave him third place but was right on the rear wheel of Iddon in second and only a lap later he made almost a carbon copy move on the TYCO man to take second place from him.

As they all headed onto the final lap Byrne was secure in first place Irwin was in second place ahead of O’Halloran who made his way past Iddon in the first corner the positions remained like this for the rest of the lap with no one having the grip to make a last ditch move into the final turn.



Byrne took his first win of the year in pretty dominant fashion his lap times before Haslam and Ellison’s incident indicated he had the pace to win regardless, With Irwin coming home second he not only secured a PBM one and two but also his best ever BSB finish, O’Halloran brought the brand new Fireblade home for third place the best result to date for the new bike. Iddon after having a tough weekend on the BMW brought home solid points in fourth place ahead of Mossey,Brookes,Hickman,Bridewell,Hopkins and McConell all completeing the top 10.






Championship Standings:



That is the last BSB for a few weeks now with the Road racing break taking place. I will be putting out a North West 200 preview here this week hopefully keep any eye on my twitter for that.


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